Brad Riggio

Head Photographer/Director of Operations for Redford Photography

Brad has been a full time professional photographer for over 27 years. Photographing over 980 weddings and 25,000 high school seniors as the head photographer of Redford Photography.Brad has had the pleasure of photographing many celebrities such as Robin Williams,Jeff Foxworthy,Faith Hill,Bette Midler,Michael Bolton,Bill Cosby,Christina Aguilera and Luther Vandross.

His contribution to industry does not stop at photography, however, as he is the consultant & adviser to the sales and marketing directors at his home company, Redford Photography. A company that through his creativity has grown to become one the most successful portrait studios in America. Brad is commissioned to photograph, on average, 400-500 seniors and 40-50 weddings annually, with that number on the rise quarterly. Brad currently resides in the Pittsburgh area, with his wife and son.